Leslie Corbo is an Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity in both the BS and MS Cybersecurity programs. Professor Corbo is a Senior Information Security Program Manager for PhishMe, Inc., providing services to fortune 500 companies in educating their workforce in IT-related areas. Additionally, she works with renowned universities collecting data, designing and conducting studies involving employee behavior towards phishing emails. Prior to joining PhishMe, she worked as a cyber security analyst, an IT-security analyst, and an Information System Security Manager on DoD and DHS Science & Technology efforts. Her responsibilities included network monitoring, computer forensics, security policy management, analysis, and incident response.

Leslie holds a M.S. in Cyber Security from Utica College, where she also earned her B.S in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance with a concentration in Cybercrime Investigation and Forensics. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Science (D.Sc.) in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity from Capitol Technology University in Laurel, MD. Her areas of research include phishing emails, sentiment and behavior analysis, and the Internet of Things.