An Entrepreneurship Minor at Utica College will enable students from all disciplines to develop an understanding of the core business essentials necessary to fully launch, sustain, and grow their own businesses or organizations. This program will equip students with the necessary skills to create a new career path either in the Mohawk Valley or beyond. As the nature of work continues to evolve, smaller, more nimble companies and organizations will continue to either feed the pipeline to larger organizations or become a part of the economic and social fabric of local networks.

The program emphasizes innovative and technology-driven practices, and aims that graduates leave Utica College with a diploma — and a new business.

The courses in the Minor in Entrepreneurship include (15 credits):

MGT101 – Introduction to Contemporary Business (3) or
MGT 103 – Introduction to the Business of Health Care (3)
MKT211 – Principles of Marketing (3)
MGT379 – Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3)
MGT431 – Entrepreneurship Innovation (3)
MGT432 – Entrepreneurship Financing (3)