Customize your MBA to meet the specific demands of your business.

Utica College is committed to providing MBA students with applicable and translatable skills that can help them find high-level employment in the business world immediately after graduation. To achieve this, Utica offers a number of MBA specializations, in some of the most in-demand business sectors.

After completing the business core, you will select four graduate-level elective courses that will determine your specialization, or area of study. You may choose an advising specialization, developed by Utica College to meet the specific demands of business today, or customize your studies through our general MBA option, where you can select any four of the graduate-level elective courses offered.

If you are searching for a distance learning MBA program or a blended MBA, that can help you achieve real progress in your career, consider a specialized MBA from Utica. But with so many different types of MBAs to choose from, how do students know which MBA specialization is best? A good place to start is by understanding the different types of specializations available and how these fit with your own professional interests and career goals.