The Cyber Policy specialization prepares cybersecurity professionals and high-level decision makers in industry and government for the challenges and evolving domains of cyberspace and cybersecurity. Upon completion, you will understand how to legally and ethically deal with sensitive data and information in a variety of application domains and settings.

The cyber policy sector is still relatively new, but demand for professionals in this field is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as businesses and government agencies face unexpected decisions and challenges related to cyber policy. Career options include:

  • Cyber Policy Analyst
  • Cyber Policy Consultant
  • Chief Technology Officer

This specialization includes the following courses:

  • CYB 680 Cyberspace Law, Public Policy and Politics
  • CYB 681 The Law and Ethics of Cyber Espionage
  • CYB 682 Cyber War and Deterrence
  • CYB 688 International Aspects of Cyber Policy